Prayer Request for Dr. Ralph Winters

I received an email from Bro. Dave Snodderly, one of our prayer partners in this ministry, for a prayer request.

Dr. Ralph Winters, the founder of US Center for World Missions, had a heart attack three days ago.  He underwent operations and surgeons had to put four stents and is in the hospital.

Father God, we would like to pray for his complete and speedy recovery.  I pray that Your healing hands be completely upon him in his recovery.  I pray for peace for his family as they await the progress of his recovery.  I pray for special favor for your servant.  In Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

George Manlangit

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One thought on “Prayer Request for Dr. Ralph Winters”

  1. Update from Bro. Dave Snodderly.

    “Dr. Winter has made an astounding recovery. He felt no pain and is already out of the hospital and sending emails around!

    We have a prayer answering God. Thank you for your prayers.”

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