Mindanao Outreach – 9

Thank you for the overwhelming response when I asked people to write me back about the last letter I sent.  Your encouragement means more than you can imagine.  I try to send a personal reply to each letter I get back.

I thank you for praying.  Our Friday night outreach was rained out, so we had Saturday night and Sunday night to bring closure and re-direct the attention of the crowd toward the local church.  God gave us a virtually rain-free night for both services.  I was able to preach the final rally, and God gave us a great anointing to sing and preach.  Rejoice with me in the afterglow of the outreach, with a total of 689 who prayed the sinner’s prayer and we got written follow up records on.

We are meeting in a local church, inviting the people there.  We met with the Pastor this morning in order to help him with conserving the “fruit.”  Please pray for this process which is fraught with many things that can go wrong if the congregation doesn’t catch the vision to sponsor a grid of Bible studies for the new converts throughout the city.  This is important.

If you wish to look at all these reports I have given, they are all online courtesy of Brother George  Manlangit at http://ourprayerlife.com/   Just double clicking on the link should take you there.

OK, there’s a lot more to say, but just suffice it to say that we should give God glory for his marvelous work.

Your Brother in Christ,
David Snodderly

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