Mindanao Outreach – 5

It poured down rain all night with lightning and thunder where we are working, and the outdoor evangelistic event looked like it could be rained on, but the rain held off for the service.  Thanks for your prayers.  It is God’s time for this place; I’m convinced of that.  I preached tonight with much energy and conviction, and it looked like the whole crowd came forward, with a few that hung back.  Pray for God to keep this tide of spiritual victory rolling.

God is able.  But we must keep praying.  We are on Triple Red security alert in this area, and our organization’s security director told me after I preached, he was staying alert for any suspicious packages or containers showing up at our event.  If you will please cover us with a blanket of prayer protection.  Visitation in the homes and discipling the new converts starts tomorrow for over a hundred new spiritual “babies.”  Praise the Lord!

David Snodderly

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