Our Prayer Life

After a month of pilot testing with our prayer teleministry-conference, we have now moved to a new web site from Charisma Prayer Ministry.

We started this ministry as a way to reach out to people who are need of prayer. In the next few days, we will be updating this website and there will be a form for you to post your prayer request.

We will also include a devotional for you to use. We encourage you to sign up for them as it becomes available. We would also include a book store courtesy of Amazon and Christian Book Store. If you have any encouraging article, please feel free to send us a copy and we will review it for inclusion in our website.

This ministry is hosted by Pastor Jojo (Josephine) Jose of Charisma Life Church in Pomona, California and Pastor James Reyes of Charisma Christian Church in Seattle. Pastor Jojo is currently in Manila, Philippines and we were able to have both of this wonderful servants of God to enlighten us and help us build a strong relationship with our Lord through prayer.

Every Friday 7:00PM we have a teleministry conference and the Lord willing, we would try to have it ‘streaming’ on the web so that all of you could listen to it.

If everything goes well, tomorrow we will have our first initial web broadcast. I hope you will be able to tune in tomorrow 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time. (USA).

George Manlangit
Technology Specialist
Our Prayer Life

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