Mindanao Outreach – 8

I am so happy to give you a report on answered prayer.  Even though the trials of weather conditions have exercised our faith and patience, God is faithful to give results.  I preached under a taxi shed yesterday to whoever would hear while the rain fell.  Twelve precious people who listened from their doorstops or operated a motorcycle taxi (captive audience) prayed the sinner’s prayer and received personal follow up counseling from our workers.  I feel like a spectacle at times, but it’s not about me. I preach tonight for the open air event, the closing night.  We are well over six hundred in the number of “new babies” to follow up on.  Next week is revival in a walking-distance church and further setting up of a area-wide grid of Bible studies for those who prayed with us.  I’d appreciate further prayer.  If you get a chance to write a response to let me know you’re praying, please do so.  It is very encouraging. Anyone who does not want to be on the list of receivers of this, just let me know.

In Christ’s love,
David Snodderly

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