Mindanao Outreach – 6

What a friend we have in Jesus!

He is holding the rain away, this afternoon even the rain clouds.  Every rally has been rain free, even though it rains in between some.  This is Wednesday afternoon after starting last Saturday evening, and we are rejoicing in 237 people who have prayed the sinner’s prayer with us.  Now to keep bearing down on making disciples of these.  Beside following up on all who make decisions with further help, this morning we met with the pastor of the local church we are working with.  Brother Johnson gave him his experience with zoning a city to have leaders over every zone that give care and Bible studies to our “new babies.”  Pray for Pastor Jerry to have wisdom about how to put this into practice.  Sunday will be the last day of the outdoor rallies, and we move then into the local church for a revival for a week.  I am excited about being the evening rally speaker for Friday night (about about 4 a.m. Pacific time or 7 a.m Eastern Standard Time on Sunday morning for you who can be up to pray at that time (write me if you did. I promise a personal reply). Please pray for the anointing and compassion of the Lord as I speak to these dear people.  A recent bomb that purportedly killed four (?) congressmen of the country.  How fragile is life, how dear, and how we need to work while people still live and can hear the Gospel.

In Christian love,

David Snodderly

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