Mindanao Outreach – 4

It’s Sunday morning here, and in a few moments it’s off to church. Last night was the first night of the open air event and 39 precious people decided to take Jesus up on his offer of eternal life. The same decision was made by an even larger number in the street meetings the teams held. (They are all being followed up on). The evening event: I was in a drama and sang my signature song “Crazy for Love” in the evening event. God’s power is so evident! I prayed for a woman with cancer and she testified that she could feel God touch her.

Tonight at 7 p.m. I will be the speaker. Pray for a great anointing and many people to make decisions to follow him. I am very excited about God making the rain stay away due to His goodness and your prayers. Please keep praying. Running for Jesus,

David Snodderly

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