‘Our Prayer Life’ is Back Again

Our files on another hosting site went down last Friday night. I don’t want to get into details anymore but suffice to say that I am happy that we were able to get most of our files back. There are still some cleaning up to do with the previous post but other than that, at this point, it looks like that we’re ok.

As previously mentioned in our previous teleconference, we are trying to make some changes this year. We’re trying to create an online prayer journal. I was hoping to integrate it with this site. However, it seems that more work is necessary to implement. In the meantime, please enter your comments in the devotionals that we post everyday.

As you have noticed, we started posting devotionals by Charles E Cowman on a daily basis. We want to create this as base devotional to create an online prayer journal. Although the style is not contemporary, his devotionals is very heart warming and at times very challenging.

We hope that you’ll start posting comments on the devotionals. We will be announcing some more features in the next few days. We will be changing the theme of the sites within this month, include the past recordings, and introduce a prayer forum that we will call CarePages.

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