Prayer Request for Dr. Ralph Winters

I received an email from Bro. Dave Snodderly, one of our prayer partners in this ministry, for a prayer request.

Dr. Ralph Winters, the founder of US Center for World Missions, had a heart attack three days ago.  He underwent operations and surgeons had to put four stents and is in the hospital.

Father God, we would like to pray for his complete and speedy recovery.  I pray that Your healing hands be completely upon him in his recovery.  I pray for peace for his family as they await the progress of his recovery.  I pray for special favor for your servant.  In Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

George Manlangit

Mindanao Mission Highlights

A Taxi Convert 

Thank God for:

  • 689 that prayed the sinner’s prayer with us.
  • Testimonies of healing, including deafness, partial blindness, paralysis, inability to speak, demon oppression and lots more
  • Personal growth on my part (and other wonderful workers) in being used in hands-on ministry and growth in personal spiritual development.
  • Mostly rain-free evangelistic events
  • A follow up red-hot revival in a local church and diligent house-to-house visitation of new converts.
  • Physical improvements on the church
  • Credibility and authenticity among the locals for delivering on commitments


  • Wisdom and diligence for this local church setting up Bible studies for the new converts throughout the area.
  • My speaking tonight for the revival
  • The trip I am making to Chaing Mai, Thailand and to the Karen tribal village church.
  • The persecuted Burmese who are fleeing to that general area. Concerning this, anyone who wants first-hand updates from my missionary daughter Rachel whom I will be visiting when I go there.
  • Pray for Rachel to cope with and minister to the devastation in people’s lives, a devastation caused by political upheavals and sin.
  • Pray that I will find immediate rapport, especially with these highlanders of Thailand.
  • Pray that my background in the hills of rural Tennessee will help be put to good use in understanding and bonding with the people.
  • For my continued growth and understanding of how to play my part in mobilizing workers for the remaining 10,000 unreached people groups.

God bless you. Thank you for praying.

David Snodderly
Mission Mobilizer

Mindanao Outreach – 9

Thank you for the overwhelming response when I asked people to write me back about the last letter I sent.  Your encouragement means more than you can imagine.  I try to send a personal reply to each letter I get back.

I thank you for praying.  Our Friday night outreach was rained out, so we had Saturday night and Sunday night to bring closure and re-direct the attention of the crowd toward the local church.  God gave us a virtually rain-free night for both services.  I was able to preach the final rally, and God gave us a great anointing to sing and preach.  Rejoice with me in the afterglow of the outreach, with a total of 689 who prayed the sinner’s prayer and we got written follow up records on.

We are meeting in a local church, inviting the people there.  We met with the Pastor this morning in order to help him with conserving the “fruit.”  Please pray for this process which is fraught with many things that can go wrong if the congregation doesn’t catch the vision to sponsor a grid of Bible studies for the new converts throughout the city.  This is important.

If you wish to look at all these reports I have given, they are all online courtesy of Brother George  Manlangit at   Just double clicking on the link should take you there.

OK, there’s a lot more to say, but just suffice it to say that we should give God glory for his marvelous work.

Your Brother in Christ,
David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 5

It poured down rain all night with lightning and thunder where we are working, and the outdoor evangelistic event looked like it could be rained on, but the rain held off for the service.  Thanks for your prayers.  It is God’s time for this place; I’m convinced of that.  I preached tonight with much energy and conviction, and it looked like the whole crowd came forward, with a few that hung back.  Pray for God to keep this tide of spiritual victory rolling.

God is able.  But we must keep praying.  We are on Triple Red security alert in this area, and our organization’s security director told me after I preached, he was staying alert for any suspicious packages or containers showing up at our event.  If you will please cover us with a blanket of prayer protection.  Visitation in the homes and discipling the new converts starts tomorrow for over a hundred new spiritual “babies.”  Praise the Lord!

David Snodderly

Our Prayer Life

After a month of pilot testing with our prayer teleministry-conference, we have now moved to a new web site from Charisma Prayer Ministry.

We started this ministry as a way to reach out to people who are need of prayer. In the next few days, we will be updating this website and there will be a form for you to post your prayer request.

We will also include a devotional for you to use. We encourage you to sign up for them as it becomes available. We would also include a book store courtesy of Amazon and Christian Book Store. If you have any encouraging article, please feel free to send us a copy and we will review it for inclusion in our website.

This ministry is hosted by Pastor Jojo (Josephine) Jose of Charisma Life Church in Pomona, California and Pastor James Reyes of Charisma Christian Church in Seattle. Pastor Jojo is currently in Manila, Philippines and we were able to have both of this wonderful servants of God to enlighten us and help us build a strong relationship with our Lord through prayer.

Every Friday 7:00PM we have a teleministry conference and the Lord willing, we would try to have it ‘streaming’ on the web so that all of you could listen to it.

If everything goes well, tomorrow we will have our first initial web broadcast. I hope you will be able to tune in tomorrow 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time. (USA).

George Manlangit
Technology Specialist
Our Prayer Life