‘Our Prayer Life’ is Back Again

Our files on another hosting site went down last Friday night. I don’t want to get into details anymore but suffice to say that I am happy that we were able to get most of our files back. There are still some cleaning up to do with the previous post but other than that, at this point, it looks like that we’re ok.

As previously mentioned in our previous teleconference, we are trying to make some changes this year. We’re trying to create an online prayer journal. I was hoping to integrate it with this site. However, it seems that more work is necessary to implement. In the meantime, please enter your comments in the devotionals that we post everyday.

As you have noticed, we started posting devotionals by Charles E Cowman on a daily basis. We want to create this as base devotional to create an online prayer journal. Although the style is not contemporary, his devotionals is very heart warming and at times very challenging.

We hope that you’ll start posting comments on the devotionals. We will be announcing some more features in the next few days. We will be changing the theme of the sites within this month, include the past recordings, and introduce a prayer forum that we will call CarePages.

George Manlangit

A Blessed Christmas to All

In behalf of Pastor James Reyes and Sis. Jojo Jose, we would like to wish everyone a blessed Christmas.

As we gather around our family and friends in this day – the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, may we be reminded of the true spirit of this day.  This month in our tele-conference, we have discussed the essence of Christmas, the challenges of Christmas, and the perspective and message of Christmas.

As Christians, let us be sensitive to the needs of the people around us.  Christmas season is one of those period in the year where loneliness, illness, and financial challenges are magnified and prevalent.  Let us become the vessel of Christ’s light in the lives of other people. 

My wife and children are on vacation in the Philippines and I can relate with those people who may be experiencing loneliness at this time.  I’ll be honest with all of you, it’s tough especially when you have a closely knit family like I have.  I am taking my own advice that I have shared with everyone – spend a quiet moment with the Lord in prayer and be in fellowship with a brother or sister in the Lord.  Shift your focus a couple of degrees, and don’t focus on yourself.  Look around.  Be thankful in His goodness and graciousness to us. 

In the coming days, I will share with you some development in our internet ministry.  I hope and pray that the Good Lord will continue to bless this ministry and become a source of God’s Light to others.  This is the reason why I have to be in ‘isolation’ this Christmas.  It’s God’s way of getting me on focus.

Merry Christmas to All!

George Manlangit

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   For many people thanksgiving is about turkey, sweet yams, cranberry, stuffing, gatherings and vacation trips.  But for me it is that time of the year to recount all my blessings irregardless of how my year has been.

First and foremost, I thank the good Lord for His love that saved me from my sins guaranteeing me eternal life w/Him through His son Jesus.  For all the blessings of family and friends, successes and failures that has caused me to learn and grow, the challenges that built my endurance and strength stretching me to points where I thought I could no longer take it.

The peace, faith and confidence in my heart despite of all the unknowns, pains and uncertainties because of God’s known love for me and good plans that He has for me and His promise that all things will work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

For all the things that I didn’t have or failed to have because God knows what could have gotten me off the course He had intended for me.  For all the things that He spared me from.  For all the new things happening in my life now that I’m here in the Philippines, the new opportunities to grow, to enjoy and treasure.  The new people to know, share with and enjoy and the old friends to love, serve and treasure.  For the air I breathe, the eyes to see, the mouth to speak and eat, the nose to smell, the ears to hear, the hands to touch, hug and hold, the feet to walk and take you to places you love and adore.

Each day we wake up to is a grace from God.  An opportunity to correct our wrongs, step out in faith to discover things in you  that you haven’t known.  A chance to discover,use and enhance all the gifting’s and talents that God has given you to bless others.  And the list goes on and on that a day of thanksgiving is not even enough to write down all the that we could be thankful for.

Discontentment in life comes when our focus shifts on the things we have to what we don’t have.  Let us not allow our unfulfilled desires to make us forget God’s gifts of life, food, health, work, friends and loved ones.  We don’t need to have more to be thankful, we just need to be more thankful.  In saying that, I say thank you for being in my life . . . as family or like family, as a friend.  Thank you for the love and support and all the times shared.  They will always be my priceless possession that will be treasured in my heart and mind until my last breath.

So I hope and pray as we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, may we all take the time to express our thanks to the Lord and one another whether through prayers, hugs, kisses, serving, gifts or even verbalizing specifically what you are grateful for.  Let us not only practice it once a year but let it be a lifestyle of having the attitude of gratitude.

Love you all!

Jojo Jose

Having a Thankful Heart

This month is Thanksgiving month and to kickoff this month’s teleministry, Pastor James Reyes would introduce us to Pastor Allen Charles.

Pastor Allen used to be a policeman who turned to drugs. To sustain his addiction he ended up cooking up his own meth. Lost his family, got divorced and ended up becoming homeless and suicidal. He has since found our Lord and has turned his eyes on Him. Since then he is now an evangelist and is part of Charisma Christian Center in Seattle involved children ministry. Listen to his story tonight at 7:00 PM.

Teleconference Information.

Dial-in Number: 1-785-686-2400 Kansas
Participant Access Code: 33264

(Note: We’re starting to stream the teleconference online.  You could also try this link.)

Hope you could join us tonight!