Mindanao Outreach – 8

I am so happy to give you a report on answered prayer.  Even though the trials of weather conditions have exercised our faith and patience, God is faithful to give results.  I preached under a taxi shed yesterday to whoever would hear while the rain fell.  Twelve precious people who listened from their doorstops or operated a motorcycle taxi (captive audience) prayed the sinner’s prayer and received personal follow up counseling from our workers.  I feel like a spectacle at times, but it’s not about me. I preach tonight for the open air event, the closing night.  We are well over six hundred in the number of “new babies” to follow up on.  Next week is revival in a walking-distance church and further setting up of a area-wide grid of Bible studies for those who prayed with us.  I’d appreciate further prayer.  If you get a chance to write a response to let me know you’re praying, please do so.  It is very encouraging. Anyone who does not want to be on the list of receivers of this, just let me know.

In Christ’s love,
David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 7

I’m writing you wearing damp clothes.  I want to thank the Lord for holding off the rain until tonight.  But tonight the rain started before the service while people assembled for the outdoor rally.  It being a fairly gentle drizzle of rain, we first tried to hold a certain amount of the service, but as the rain continued, we finally decided the wise thing was to give a brief altar service and dismiss the people to come back tomorrow night (I hope I have your prayers for tomorrow night Friday here because I’ll be preaching the evangelistic message.  You don’t need to pray this Sunday morning at 4 a.m.  I got that WAY wrong-call that mistake jet lag or cultural disorientation; it’s less embarrassing.  The time I will be preaching is 4 a.m. Friday for people on the West Coast of the U.S.A., 7 a.m. Friday for the East Coast).  I am wet but not defeated because people (I really don’t know how many at this point) prayed the sinner’s prayer with us.  Before this service there were 569 who had prayed the sinner’s prayer and signed a card for being further followed up on.  Please pray against the rain for tomorrow and the next night.

We left at 6:30 a.m. today with sound equipment and the whole team in order to sing for and speak to a high school of several hundred students with a moral values message: deciding against drugs and for God.  Our team of about fifty were able to give testimonies and sing.  I gave a high-spirited and “in your face” rendition of my now signature song, “Crazy for Love” (the students clapped, cheered and even sang the last chorus with me) and Missionary-Evangelist Gerald Johnson gave a moving, relevant and right-on message of how to fulfill one’s destiny God’s way.  The kids apparently loved it, and the response was overwhelming.  Many prayed the sinner’s prayer.

Now pray for the immense effort required to follow up on all our “new babies” spiritually speaking.  There are two more nights of powerful evangelistic outreach. Last night a man who came forward for prayer was healed of a large goiter on the side of his neck.  Before that service I recorded an elderly pastor who is here to help out with the evangelism and discipleship.  I recorded his singing of an outrageously gorgeous song the Lord had taught him in his village church (I get tears in my eyes and goose bumps just thinking back on the anointing on his song.  Thinking back on all these activities with the team, I think the thing God is teaching me the most is how he can use the most humble of servants to do powerful, eternally impactful actions. . . from the youngest member of our team to the eldest, and even a guy who is known for being “Crazy for (God’s) Love.”  Some of the lyrics are below.

God is so awesome.  People are so in need of Him.  We’ve got to reach them.  He deserves our best effort for his glory to be known among the nations.  That’s what it comes down to. Please pray.

Love and prayers from “Crazy David”
David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 6

What a friend we have in Jesus!

He is holding the rain away, this afternoon even the rain clouds.  Every rally has been rain free, even though it rains in between some.  This is Wednesday afternoon after starting last Saturday evening, and we are rejoicing in 237 people who have prayed the sinner’s prayer with us.  Now to keep bearing down on making disciples of these.  Beside following up on all who make decisions with further help, this morning we met with the pastor of the local church we are working with.  Brother Johnson gave him his experience with zoning a city to have leaders over every zone that give care and Bible studies to our “new babies.”  Pray for Pastor Jerry to have wisdom about how to put this into practice.  Sunday will be the last day of the outdoor rallies, and we move then into the local church for a revival for a week.  I am excited about being the evening rally speaker for Friday night (about about 4 a.m. Pacific time or 7 a.m Eastern Standard Time on Sunday morning for you who can be up to pray at that time (write me if you did. I promise a personal reply). Please pray for the anointing and compassion of the Lord as I speak to these dear people.  A recent bomb that purportedly killed four (?) congressmen of the country.  How fragile is life, how dear, and how we need to work while people still live and can hear the Gospel.

In Christian love,

David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 5

It poured down rain all night with lightning and thunder where we are working, and the outdoor evangelistic event looked like it could be rained on, but the rain held off for the service.  Thanks for your prayers.  It is God’s time for this place; I’m convinced of that.  I preached tonight with much energy and conviction, and it looked like the whole crowd came forward, with a few that hung back.  Pray for God to keep this tide of spiritual victory rolling.

God is able.  But we must keep praying.  We are on Triple Red security alert in this area, and our organization’s security director told me after I preached, he was staying alert for any suspicious packages or containers showing up at our event.  If you will please cover us with a blanket of prayer protection.  Visitation in the homes and discipling the new converts starts tomorrow for over a hundred new spiritual “babies.”  Praise the Lord!

David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 4

It’s Sunday morning here, and in a few moments it’s off to church. Last night was the first night of the open air event and 39 precious people decided to take Jesus up on his offer of eternal life. The same decision was made by an even larger number in the street meetings the teams held. (They are all being followed up on). The evening event: I was in a drama and sang my signature song “Crazy for Love” in the evening event. God’s power is so evident! I prayed for a woman with cancer and she testified that she could feel God touch her.

Tonight at 7 p.m. I will be the speaker. Pray for a great anointing and many people to make decisions to follow him. I am very excited about God making the rain stay away due to His goodness and your prayers. Please keep praying. Running for Jesus,

David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 3

Thank you for praying. The rain came down all around our schedule, but not during the time we needed to minister. The worker’s spiritual refreshing night that precedes the main evangelistic effort; the Holy Spirit Night was very powerful. Wave after wave of the powerful presence of God filled that humble church building, and we worshiped with grateful and warmed hearts. Tonight starts the main event. Then the night after that I preach. This will be about 4 a.m. Saturday morning, Pacific Coast time (California), so if anyone is up praying at that time, please remember me!

Pray for the rain to not interfere with our activities. Pray for the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of this place.

– David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 2

May there be blessings upon each of you. We praise God for his wonderful presence and love. It is certainly good and pleasant when Brothers and Sisters dwell together in unity.

I am asking for prayer in unity for good weather for this outreach. It rained all night last night and now at 6:15 a.m. it still is coming down. It doesn’t have to be good in between when we are out on the streets or holding outdoor evangelistic meetings.

A full day lies ahead.

David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach – 1

Thank you for praying for me; I arrived safely in Mindanao . . . a little jet lagged, but fine otherwise. I sang worship and devotional songs the Spirit has taught me to Filipino Evangelists in training here, and sat in on their training session soon after I got here. I am in a little “prophet’s quarters” my hosts have so kindly supplied me. Tomorrow we hit the ground running. . .

Thank you for being my partner in prayer.

David Snodderly

Mindanao Outreach

Today I fly out of LAX for somewhere in the Mindanao region of the Philippine Islands. I know this much about the itinerary of the outreach so far. I will be preaching the outdoor evangelistic event Sunday night there about 7 to 8 p.m. This translates to about 4 to 5 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and 1 to 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. If you want to pray while I am preaching, I know this is inconvenient for most of you to pray at these times, but if anyone is an insomniac, this would be easy! And you can pray before too. Pray for valuable Filipino souls will come to the Savior and be discipled in the days after this event. I may try to send the results from the crusade almost real time to you if I can arrange all the hook-ups.

Please pray for covering for my wife Beth and daughter MaryAnn who is still at home. Additional responsibilities will be on them. Beth says to pray for her to “think on her feet” during the defining moments our missionary training university is experiencing presently. She serves as Provost there and when she gets a spare moment is herself studying for an advanced degree.

We are busy, but happy! God is blessing, and we can feel the strength of your prayers. Thank you!!

Blessings and prayer for you too.
David Snodderly